How Do You Manage Stress?

How Do You Manage Stress?

What we think and feel, and how long we think it or feel it, determines our health.

Join us for a fun, and inspiring conversation about stress and how it effects your health and well-being. This event will provide easy-to-incorporate ways to feel and live better naturally. Ellie Whalen, a trail-blazer in the wellness industry will be our guest speaker.

Sprayology was founded fifteen years ago because of the needs of its founders who were dealing with physical disillusionment, aging, illness and a lack of natural options to help them live better.Ellie Whalen (Founder, CEO) believed that at the core, she was healthy, but she was taking multiple conventional medicines daily to deal with asthma, allergies, fatigue and stress. She realized that she was still not experiencing the health she was seeking. Ellie chose homeopathy as her daily option to become healthier because it is effective, safe, has no side effects and can be taken with other medicines. Today, Ellie no longer lives by the inhaler or other medications. Ellie is passionate about providing easy-to- use natural products that really work. She hopes to encourage people to seek out and use natural, non-toxic, healthy products for daily self-care.

Better Health is Beautiful!

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