Academy of Metaphysics and Spiritual Studies


Academy of Metaphysics and Spiritual Studies

The Academy was founded in 1994 with its purpose to help people recognize, develop and use their hidden inner skills. It also helps people realize they can change their lives themselves for the better. The Academy’s mission is to make these skills and knowledge available for everybody.

Our students discover the relationship between their mind and body, by which they are able to create optimal health within themselves and others.

During the course, the students go through an amazing change by developing their self-knowledge and spiritual awareness. The learned healing techniques help the students to realize their spiritual power and its affections. Aim is to create a healthy self-knowledge and self-image and the constant elevation of the students vibration. Everyone receives a high volume of mental knowledge, which they can manifest during their everyday life.

  • Advanced Health and Wellness
  • Kaplan Brain and Body